Choosing the Best Baby Stroller

One of the biggest purchases you will probably make while pregnant is buying a baby stroller. There are so many options that it can be quite overwhelming. In fact, I have heard people say that they spent more time choosing the right stroller than choosing a car!

There are a crazy amount of options from large full-featured options to small lightweight strollers to double or triplet strollers. Every type of stroller has its pros and cons, some strollers are designed for bigger kids for example and usually, it is not possible to find one that is totally perfect for every situation. Many people actually end up owning more that one stroller so they can have ones that better suit different occasions.

How to Choose a Stroller?

Online Guides

There are many ways to approach choosing your ideal stroller. My favorite way is to check out online guides to choose the best baby stroller. This can be an easy way to compare different types of strollers and work out whether you really need that big stroller or could be better off with an umbrella stroller.

It is also important to decide how you will use your stroller. do you live somewhere you need to walk on gravel or dirt regularly? Do you want to go jogging with your baby? Do you plan to have two babies close in age so maybe need a double stroller? Once you know these answers, it is easier to pick which type of stroller is best for your family.

Test Drive a Stroller

It is also essential to actually test out the stroller. Go to a baby store and try pushing around a few strollers, folding them up and down and lifting them into your trunk. Ensure they fit into your trunk and that you can lift it comfortably. Also, make sure that you push around the stroller with some weight in it – add some weights or heavier baby items so you have a better idea of how the stroller will handle once you are out with your baby.

It is a good idea to also take your partner with you and for them to push it around as well, especially if you are different heights as you may find different sized strollers more comfortable.

Ask Other Moms

Ask other moms that you know in your social circles and from work. This can be the best way to determine what baby stroller may work out best for you. Remember though that everyone has different needs, so what is right for your friend, may not be right for you.

Check Out Safety Requirements

It’s important you only buy a stroller which is safe for your baby. Check out the latest safety guidelines and ensure your potential stroller meets them all.

Picking a baby stroller can be stressful, but if you follow the tips above, hopefully it will be made easier 🙂

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