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Giving your Baby a Bath

There is something about giving your baby a bath that allows you to bond with the baby in a fun and personal way. If this is the first time you’re giving the baby a bath, here are the steps you need to take.

Start by gathering the supplies you need such as shampoo, a towel, a small tub and a small toy for the baby to play with as you’re giving him a bath. Then you will want to fill the small tub with warm water before placing the baby in the tub and washing him gently. Let the baby move and splash around in the tub as this is a good time for him to enjoy himself.

Additional Tips on Giving Baths To Babies

Before you put the baby in the tub it is important that you check the water to ensure that it is not too hot so that it will not scald the baby. Another thing you should do is hold the baby securely so that he will not drown or hurt himself. While giving your baby a bath, teach him words that pertain to his body parts so that over time he’ll be able to identify them each time he is in the tub. Never leave the baby in the tub unattended and don’t give the bath when you’re in a rush.

Baby Baths And Colic

If your baby is screaming constantly due to colic, a warm bath might help him calm down. This may not work for every baby in that situation but it doesn’t hurt to try. According to some medical reports it would be a good idea to give the baby a warm bath to soothe him.

Essential Oils And Baby Baths

When you give the baby a bath, put a few drops of essential oils in the bath water because these oils have soothing qualities for babies and they’re safe to use. Some good oils to put in the water include coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil and argan oil. Argan oil in particular works well for the skin and be sure not to put too much of it in the water.

Other Benefits of Baby Baths

When your skin touches the baby’s skin as you give him a bath, you warm him in a way that a blanket cannot do. As the baby hears your voice during bath time, he senses your presence and it gives him comfort while bathing. The baby also learns initial language skills because when you talk to him, he may try to imitate some of your words.


Giving your baby a bath allows for greater bonding with the child and it also relieves stress for you because you can take your mind off the stresses of the day and you can focus on the quality of time you share with the baby. Practice safety measures during the bath and you can even sing a few lullabies as a way of having fun.

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