What to Take to the Hospital when Giving Birth

One of the many questions I had when I had my first baby was what to take to the hospital when giving birth. I had no idea what I might need to take so I thought an article about what I learned may be useful for someone else.

Items for Labor

This is probably the trickiest thing to figure out as it can be hard to imagine what you might find comfortable. My advice would be that less is more! It’s easy to think beforehand that you will want to be completely covered up, but chances are that you will not be concerned about nudity once you get down to business.

For this reason, I recommend taking a few different items so you can work it out at the time. A very comfortable bra is an essential. I also recommend a big comfy t shirt or nightie. Boxer shorts or loose underpants are also a good idea in case you want to wear them. Whatever you take, ensure they are not something you are worried about getting ruined as they may be no good afterwards.

Items for You

Work out how long you are likely to stay in hospital for and budget two outfits a day, where an outfit can be sleepwear. You are only going to want super comfy clothes while recovering from giving birth. Also keep in mind that a c section is always possible, so you will want something loose around the waist.

As much as it would be brilliant if our bodies went back to normal after giving birth, they just don’t. So stick with the maternity clothes for now.

You will also need to take toiletries and a big pack of maternity sanitary napkins.

Items for Baby

Some hospitals provide clothes and diapers for your baby while you are in hospital, so ensure you check with them what their policy is. If you need to take your own things, take in a pack of newborn size disposable nappies and a couple of outfits per day while you are in hospital. All in one suits work best at this time.

Hopefully these tips will help you work out what to pack. Feel free to leave any questions below!

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