The Best And The Worst Parts About The First Trimester of Pregnancy

One of the worst things about the first trimester of pregnancy is the constant nausea. You become hypersensitive to certain smells and tastes and there are times when you may throw up at various times in the day.

Another drawback during the first trimester is that you’ll be hungry most of the time, and this hunger is generally not satisfied even after you have eaten until you’re full. Some mothers stated that one of the worst things about the first trimester is the up-and-down emotional rollercaster. One minute you’ll feel really excited while you may feel irritated within the next few hours.

Best Parts About First Trimester

During the first trimester you can still fit your current clothes and you haven’t gained the extra pounds yet. You also don’t have to deal with extreme heartburn, constant body aches and back pain that are all a part of the next few trimesters of pregnancy. The first trimester is also a time where you can enjoy hearing the baby’s heartbeat. There is a lot of time left to prepare the checklist of items you need and you can use this time to pick the baby’s name and reflect on the joys of parenting.

You Can Still Exercise During First Trimester

During the first trimester you still have the benefit of exercising on a regular basis, so if you want to maintain a healthy weight during your pregnancy, now is the time to continue with your regular routine. You can still do high intensity workouts but be sure to take breaks in between the exercises and you should also go a few days without exercise to avoid burnout since fatigue is a part of the first trimester.

It Puts A Dent in Your Sex Life

You will not need to abandon sex altogether during your pregnancy, but due to the above mentioned symptoms that occur during the first trimester, you’ll find that your sex life is not the best and you may not desire it as much as you did prior to pregnancy although some pregnant women desire it more during this time. It depends on the hormonal changes you experience.

Frequent Urination

Some mothers stated that they hated the frequent urination that occurred during the first trimester and this is one of the negative aspects of pregnancy. The reason this happens is because of the baby’s pressure that goes against the uterus.

Initial Excitement

One of the best aspects of the first trimester is that you can experience the “honeymoon” stage of pregnancy where you’re excited and you share the good news with loved ones. You start to think about how you will raise your child and you envision how your life will change once the baby is born. On the other hand, some pregnant women experience excitement as well as minor depression.

In conclusion, you will experience positive and negative symptoms during the first trimester.

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