The Best And Worst Parts of The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

There are many good and bad parts to the second trimester of pregnancy after often a horrible first trimester.

One of the best parts of the second trimester of pregnancy is that your breasts become larger.  This is because of the milk production that occurs. Those who had very small breasts before pregnancy may be excited about the growth in their breasts while for other women this could be the worst part of the second trimester if their breasts were already large before pregnancy. A negative part of pregnancy during the second trimester is the increase in stretch marks and occasional cramping in the stomach, which is known as Braxton Hicks contractions.

Here is a great second trimester to do list.

You Receive Special Treatment

One of the best things about the second trimester, according to some mothers, is that you receive special treatment from loved ones and other people. People will open the doors for you and you may receive encouragement from strangers regarding the pregnancy. Also during this time, your spouse will be more accommodating than usual to your needs by doing chores such as cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the bathroom or running certain errands.

You Feel The Baby Kick in Your Stomach

During the second trimester you sense a stronger feeling of the baby in your stomach and you experience the joy of knowing that a precious life resides in your body.  You wonder what the baby will look and act like as he grows over the years. Your spouse and older children will also share in your happiness.

No More Nausea

During the second trimester you will hopefully not experience the constant nausea and vomiting as you did in the first trimester and this is something that many expectant mothers say that they are happy about as they reached the second trimester.

Leg Cramps

When you are in your second trimester you’ll experience leg cramps and some mothers stated that this was one of the toughest parts of this trimester. You can relieve your leg cramps by stretching the legs before bedtime and drinking plenty of water. Ask your spouse to give you a leg massage and a warm bath should also help.

Kidney Stones

A negative aspect of the second trimester is the development of kidney stones and this can cause physical discomfort in the body. One good way to eliminate kidney stones naturally is to drink a few glasses of water.  Lemonade is also beneficial. You don’t want to eat high sodium foods as this trigger kidney stones.


The second trimester is a stage during pregnancy where you see less of the major symptoms that existed during the first trimester such as nausea and constant fatigue. You should keep up with the doctor’s appointments and eat as well as possible to ensure that your baby will be in good physical shape at birth. Take time to relax and delegate some household chores to your spouse and older children. You can still exercise, but don’t overdo it because it causes strain on the body. Finally, maintain a stress free life during the pregnancy.

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